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Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Carolyn CJ Jones

Novato, CA –The source of our salvation is often found in the most unlikely places. Filled with shame and despair, Carolyn CJ Jones struggled with alcoholism for 26 years until she found peace in the beautiful wrought iron gates near San Francisco.

“I just fell in love with them so I started photographing them,” recalls Jones. “After several weeks, I came to realize these gates represented my heart, closed off from life’s pain and life’s joy. I wanted to open these gates of my heart.”

Today, Jones is the author of Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing, a collection of 42 wrought iron gates photographs with corresponding title and verse that calls to mind the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. The book begins in great angst with sorrow and despair, ultimately leading the reader on a spiritual path of discovery and self-awareness.

“My hope is someone can read this book and it can put them on the path of their own catharsis and transformation,” says Jones. “Readers often use the book a guide for daily reflection and meditation guide. My heart’s desire is for this book to be helpful and useful to other people.”

According to Jones, the process of writing the book led to a complete transformation in her life, ultimately resulting in the compassionate and caring person she is today. Jones also works as a speaker for churches and support groups throughout her community, helping others to overcome the grief, resentment and bitterness that almost ruined her life.

“I’m proud that I have been able to see the positive in all of my experiences, even the bad ones,” says Jones. “Happiness comes from me. I spent my entire life searching and searching for happiness through everyone and everything else. I was always bitterly disappointed. That’s gone today. It’s a miracle.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Carolyn CJ Jones in a two-part interview with Jim Masters on February 8th at 12pm EST and February 15th at 11am EST.

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