Cranford 2/16/2013 12:41:42 AM
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NJ Insurance Co. O’Donnell Agency Joins Adopt-A-Solar-Panel

New Jersey insurance agent O’Donnell Agency becomes a sponsor for a new solar panel initiative. O’Donnell Agency is a leading provider of personal insurance and commercial insurance to New Jersey businesses and residents.

New Jersey’s O’Donnell Agency, a family-owned personal insurance and commercial insurance agency started in 1880, has joined forces with SolarCure to become an area sponsor for the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program. A unique green energy initiative that combines solving solar panel energy needs with search engine marketing, Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ also creates awareness for the plight of veterans in need of a job, non-profit organizations and solar panel sponsors. O’Donnell Agency’s solar panel sponsorship will be installed at VFW Post 6061 in Colonia, New Jersey.

Established during the nineteenth century in Elizabeth, New Jersey, O’Donnell Agency is operated by the Griffith Family. Family members Mary, Robert, Joe and John all have ownership in the insurance group, and over the years a wide variety of relatives, including aunts, uncles, cousins and even good friends, have lent a hand in running the business. Along with the original Broad Street location, O’Donnell Agencies can also be found in Cranford, Raritan and Lebanon (which is designated as the company’s home office).

“The ability to help veterans as we simultaneously enhance our web presence is something that almost any business can benefit from,” comments Robert Griffith. “My return on investment is not just from a monetary standpoint, but being part of the Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program also helps the community. In addition to providing additional awareness for my agency, it really feels good to be a part of as well.”

As an independently licensed commercial insurance and personal insurance provider, O’Donnell Agency can shop your insurance needs to multiple companies rather than just rely on a single, main source. O’Donnell Agency also recommends coverage and limits that best suit the insured at the best price available. Areas of coverage include private passenger auto, homeowner’s insurance, flood insurance, property insurance and more. They also offer personal “umbrella” policies for complete protection of your auto, home, boat, etc. within one package. For a quick, hassle-free insurance quote, New Jersey residents can contact O’Donnell Agency at 908-272-3540, or by visiting

What is SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™Program?

Generous organizations sponsor a solar panel through SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program. Each panel is designated and installed for a specific non-profit organization. The non-profit organization will use energy generated through solar panels and the money saved through decreased energy bills can be put to better use towards their mission.

In addition to helping the environment with the benefits of solar panel utilization, and aligning its business with green energy association, every Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ sponsor will receive nationwide publicity through SolarCure’s online press release distribution. Each press release is expertly enhanced for search engine optimization (SEO), which has been proven to increase Internet traffic, improve search engine listings and bring other benefits when associated with green branding. Such brands greatly appeal to consumers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. When coupled with SolarCure’s Solar Powered SEO™, this unique selling point may additionally boost corporate image and public awareness. All-in-all, SolarCure’s Adopt-A-Solar-Panel™ program assists both non-profit organizations and area sponsors in an exceptional manner designed to create a “win-win-win” situation for those involved — the sponsor, the non-profit, and the environment.

More about SolarCure

SolarCure specializes in helping clients combine powerful messaging and promotion with legitimate, sustainable, renewable green energy practices. When this combination is achieved, green branding and localized marketing practices can help to transform a business’ public perception and open up new markets of loyal customers. For more information about how your company can grow its business with SolarCure’s assistance, please visit or email your questions to