Bangalore 2/16/2013 11:29:37 PM
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Sublime Galleria Brings to You Kaleidoscope – A Collection of Abstract Art by Aparna Ganesh

The exhibition at the Sublime Art Galleria in UB City will be held between 15th Feb & 15th March 2013.

Sublime Galleria, India’s only sky art gallery and the creator of International events including ‘Art Bengaluru’, ‘Trousseau Week’ and ‘Film Harvest’ brings to you an exhibition of works by Aparna Ganesh, a practicing artist known for her creativity and vibrant presentations. In this collection she will present a series of art works inspired by day to day life and happenings in our surroundings.

Kaleidoscope as the name suggests is a fusion of vibrant colors carefully combined to represent various themes. No surprise that each painting tells a different story albeit in an abstract presentation as perceived by Aparna.

The exhibition at the Sublime Art Galleria in UB City will be held between 15th Feb & 15th March 2013.

Adds Uzma Irfan, Founder of the Sublime Galleria & Executive Director, Corporate Communications, Prestige Group, “We are very excited about our first presentation through Kaleidoscope in 2013. This is just the beginning of many more to come, in what is easily a vibrant year in the field of art. We hope Kaleidoscope will give art lovers an opportunity to see fine art through the eyes of a truly creative abstract artist.”

About Sublime Art Galleria:
Sublime Galleria, located at UB City, India’s first Sky Gallery, founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan – Director, Corporate Communications, Prestige Group in 2009, is known for its encouragement and support of the fine arts and the performing arts. It holds exhibitions showcasing the talents of not only famous artists but also of up-and-coming artists.

Strongly believing in the need to support young and upcoming artists, Uzma Irfan founded Sublime Galleria to help provide a platform for them to exhibit their work. Uzma believes that fine art is an integral part of our rich culture and we should strive to keep these art forms vibrant and accessible to society.

Sublime Galleria has promoted the works of several artists across categories. Some examples of the mélange of work exhibited at Sublime in the past include ‘Genesis’ by Simran KS Lamba - a unique presentation of mixed media artwork in coal tar, and more recently, ‘Crossroads’ - a unique celebration of Fine Art by four leading artists - G Subramanian, Gurudas Shenoy, Jasu Rawal and Milind Nayak.

Sublime Galleria has earlier showcased the works of Aamina Shazi, Amit Sharma, Anoop H, Ashish Parma, C P B Prasad, Devanshi (Tina), Farah Ahmed, Kalabhakesari, Manoj Masand, Pallon Daruwala (Established artist), Pragya Jain, Priyanka Gupta Agarwal, Rupesh Patrick, Shukla Chowdhury, Simran KS Lamba, Soraya Taher Merchant, Srividya and Tala Afsin.

About the Artist:
Aparna Ganesh loves making abstracts. It does not bind her into a set pattern or thought process and it allows her to approach/ interpret life with her own point of view. She can at times take off without a road map, and discover art as she moves along, stroke after stroke, colors marring one another as new appealing forms surface.

Being self taught, she has absorbed the nuances of painting acrylic on canvas with journey fraught with trial and error since 2008. Her two daughters, aged 6 and 3 have instilled patience in her, a virtue she believes, without which art cannot be created. Her experience of creating television content and film making further helped her in visualizing and transporting thoughts on to the canvas. She also believes she has a dark side as well, as some paintings turn out to look interestingly obscure and some, super vivacious. She believes her art is normally a slice of life or simply a splash of colors flirting on canvas, mostly squares. In her words, “I am influenced with the most spectacular as well as the most mundane in our daily lives. It can be the Kanjeevaram Silks, the Sun, or a Zebra Crossing, it’s on my canvas….my way!”