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Tranzbyte Corp. (Stock Symbol: OTN: ERBB) is now on

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About Tranzbyte Corp.

The Tranzbyte Corporation now becomes a driving force behind Altitude Organic Corporation. Tranzbyte Corporation attracts established and early growth businesses seeking to take advantage of resources not generally available to private companies through the public capital markets and provides them mission-critical capital, legal, accounting, and public relations resources. Tranzbyte then acquires these companies and infuses them with the expertise and resources needed to transform them into their own unique, fully-reporting, publicly-traded, bulletin board companies. Following each spin out, Amergence uses its contacts and expertise to assist each company's introduction into the public marketplace. The primary goal of the new business development enterprise ("BDE") is to coordinate services and activities intended to foster and promote a business environment capable of accelerating the growth of these chosen innovative companies. In exchange for its services, Tranzbyte accepts equity positions in each of these promising new companies which are then divided between Amergence and individual current EERB shareholders following every spin-out. David G. Gwyther, Tranzbyte's president says, "We refer to this process as 'dividend farming.' As a result of this process, I believe that dividend farming will induce many of our shareholders to retain and grow their positions in Tranzbyte because doing so will enable them to receive a portion of every company Tranzbyte elects to 'spin out' as each becomes its own fully reporting public company. Through our acquisition of these diverse companies, Tranzbyte Corporation believes it will generate a diverse interest in the Company from many different investment segments." With management expertise and offices around the globe, Tranzbyte is uniquely positioned to introduce these bold, edgy, or disruptive businesses to the world as each is spun out to become their own individual fully-reporting public companies.