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Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (Stock Symbol: OBB: APDN) is now on

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About Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. provides botanical-DNA based security and authentication solutions in Europe and the United States. The company offers SigNature DNA markers for embedding into a range of products, including various inks, dyes, textile treatments, thermal ribbon, thread, varnishes, and adhesives; SmartDNA, a patented security system for stores, warehouses, banks, pharmacies, ATMs, and the protection of valuables; and DNANet tactical DNA products for law enforcement in the form of DNA-marked sprays and liquids. It also provides BioMaterial GenoTyping solution that develops genetic assays to distinguish between varieties or strains of biomaterials, such as cotton, wool, tobacco, fermented beverages, natural drugs, and foods, which contain their own source DNA; digitalDNA, a DNA-secured form of the quick read code to create customer interface; and Cashield, a range of cash degradation inks that permanently stain banknotes stolen from cash-handling or ATM systems. The company offers its products and solutions for use in the protection of products, brands, and intellectual property of companies, governments, and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud, and diversion.