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Energy Edge Technologies Corp. (Stock Symbol: OTN: EEDG) is now on

Energy Edge Technologies Corp. has joined Now Stock Brokers, Brokerage Firms and Investors/Shareholders from around the world who follow Energy Edge Technologies Corp. can link directly to Energy Edge Technologies Corp. Link My Stock Hub. Brokers and Brokerage Firms that link to Energy Edge Technologies Corp. typically are familiar with the company and can facilitate transactions in Energy Edge Technologies Corp. security. Investors linking to Energy Edge Technologies Corp. usually are either existing shareholders looking to stay informed when Energy Edge Technologies Corp. posts new information or people that are simply interested in Energy Edge Technologies Corp. that are not yet or may never become shareholders.

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About Energy Edge Technologies Corp.

The Dry Fried Wing Company is the licensor and franchisor of “Dry Fried Wings, The San Francisco Sensation”. We are about to launch our Sports Bar franchising program and have assembled a world class management team to execute our rapid growth franchising strategy that will largely focus on conversions and acquisitions. We have also assembled an aggressive team of broker/operators to help us quickly roll out a national co-branding program for our “Dry Fried Wings” brand. Licensed co-branded units have opened and will soon be opening within Pizzerias and Sports Bars in several key states. We will be utilizing our co-branding expertise and top level foodservice connections to gain immediate access for our brands into the world’s busiest and highest profile locations including major airports, travel plazas, college campuses, malls, arenas and stadiums. The Dry Fried Wing Company recently merged with EEDG Holdings, Inc. and is trading under the symbol “EEDG.”