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Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights A.L.L.’S. WELL & CO.

There's a reason newspapers, magazines and web sites across the country carry daily horoscopes: millions of people, particularly women, live their lives and make decisions based on their astrological signs.

An inventor and former high school English teacher, Sheila Kalisher is the founder of A.L.L.’S. WELL & CO. and creator of Ladies of the Zodiac™, a collection of greeting cards featuring vibrant artistic images celebrating women worldwide. Kalisher believed women who love astrology would be drawn to a unique astrological style of art they could call their own and collect.

“The whole project is about making women feel good,” says Kalisher. “It’s a global celebration of women.”

Kalisher founded A.L.L.’S. WELL & CO. in the summer of 1986, as a platform for her conceptual product innovations. With a tenacity befitting a Cancer, Kalisher produced a series of greeting cards titled Astrological Tributes in 1997. In 2003, a promotional company in California chose the card line to be included in gift bags for the Daytime Emmy Awards Show at Radio City.

In 2004, this Tribute collection was recreated with even more sophisticated imagery.  In collaboration with three professional artists, Kalisher spearheaded the project as the artistic director, which took 18 months to perfect. Ladies of the Zodiac™ characters, environmental art and products serve as reminders of the beauty, strength and intelligence of women. The series features original artwork for each sign as well as corresponding graphics, perfect for mementos and keepsakes.

Kalisher’s artwork is featured on her web site,  and fans of her designs can visit A.L.L.’S. WELL & CO.’s online web store to create personalized gifts using the imagery at

Kalisher is actively seeking licensing partners to utilize her creations and produce quality products for women in venues such as magnets, mugs, apparel, publishing and floral fragrances.

“From jewelry and floral designs to t-shirts and tableware, the possibilities are unlimited,” says Kalisher.

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Sheila Kalisher of A.L.L.’S. WELL & CO. in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Friday, February 22nd at 1pm EST. 

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