Atlanta 3/3/2013 5:20:00 AM
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Photographers: Utilize WooEB to Increase Web Results for Your Pictures

WooEB, a social networking platform for individuals, businesses and musicians, has updated its picture gallery platform to supercharge clients’ indexing in search results. Aside from the picture galleries, each member has the ability to host all of their content in one place on their WooEB hub. The most commonly used features are Videos, Right Now updates, News and Picture Galleries.

With the updated picture platform, members can generate massive amounts of indexing for their pictures and picture galleries. The unique structure lets WooEB members tag specific keywords for their Title and Description. With this tagging feature, each individual picture received a unique URL.

It is especially important for members to tag their pictures appropriately. The keywords that they enter for their Title and Description identify how their pictures will be found in search results. Therefore, tag your web albums with keywords that you want to be found under.

Contact a WooEB representative at (404) 443 3224 for assistance in targeting the right keywords for your picture galleries.