Anderson 3/2/2013 8:17:12 AM
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Maximizing Retail and Religious Advertising for the Easter Holiday Season

With the approach of the Easter holiday season, retailers and religious organizations alike have a unique opportunity to advertise their products, services, and events that coincide and highlight the joy and fun of the Easter season for both secular consumers and religious consumers. 

For those retailers and organizations whose customers view Easter as a secular holiday, filled with egg hunts, social gatherings, good food, and Easter baskets filled with candy treats, advertising campaigns geared toward emphasizing the enjoyable social traditions of Easter offer great opportunities for engaging consumers attention and subsequent spending. This includes retailers who rely heavily upon Easter product sales as well as retailers who may not sell traditional Easter products but whom use the Easter season as a launching pad for their product or promotion advertising.

Using common secular images and images for Easter in advertising promotions and campaigns such as the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, egg hunts, and Easter baskets as well as choosing a light pastel color palette that identifies with spring or Easter, will appeal to a broad base of consumers who have fond memories of fun Easter traditions from their own childhoods. Retailers across most industries can tap into this advertising strategy as Easter approaches by offering Easter-themed promotions to highlight their key products. Ideas include having a free photo with the Easter Bunny day to entice customers with young children or having a drawing for a free Easter basket filled with Easter candy or treats to build a customer mailing list from the entry forms. 

For retailers and organizations whose customers view Easter as primarily a religious holiday, specifically as the culmination of the Christian Holy Week, a different tact should be taken in advertising Easter products or promotions. Sensitivity to the unique religious beliefs of this customer base must be addressed and respected in advertising campaigns, images, and promotions involving Easter. Images traditionally used in reaching this customer base typically involve images of a risen Jesus Christ, lilies, white doves, lambs, and the color palette should be strongly geared toward yellows and purples; all of these images and colors are in keeping with Christian tradition.

Retailers who seek to reach their customers who hold a religious viewpoint of Easter may find value in advertising within church bulletins for local Easter services. Print advertising for Easter promotional campaigns that works best within a church bulletin is sensitive to the particular beliefs of the Christian denomination of the church in question. Artwork ideas for church bulletin advertising campaigns should include ideas that resonate with the Christian belief of Easter creating a chance for a new spiritual life such as lilies in bloom, light beaming from an empty tomb, and the image of a risen Jesus Christ. 

The onset of Easter season is an excellent opportunity for retailers to align their advertising efforts and promotions with both the secular and religious aspects of the Easter holiday. Creating campaigns with which customers and clients from both viewpoints can identify offers a maximum benefit to retailers seeking to tap into the broad cultural resonances of Easter as a means of growing their businesses.