Rome, 3/25/2013 10:45:19 PM
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Hydro Dynamics, Inc Has New “Green” Logo

Hydro Dynamics, Inc. (HDI) of Rome, Georgia ( would like to announce that is has created a new corporate logo changing the coloration of its “cavitation bubble swirl” to incorporate the color green. HDI chose to change its logo to reflect its large involvement in green alternative energy and biofuel. The company’s ShockWave Power Reatcor (SPR) is a cavitation reactor that has applications in many industries and is especially well suited for biofulels.

HDI is already an industry leader in biodiesel reactors and is active in commercial trials for ethanol and biogas. HDI commercialized its first biodiesel reactor in 2005 and has since sold over 450 million gallons in annual capacity. In ethanol the SPR provides substantial yield increase with single reactors capable of handling 2,000 gpm meaning a single SPR can handle most large 100 million gallon ethanol plants. In biogas extensive lab/pilot work have shown gas yield increases over 20% and a commercial trial is currently ongoing at a 1 MW plant in Italy showing excellent initial results. The SPR also shows potential in cellulosic ethanol, algae oil extraction and other next generation renewable fuels.

HDI could see no better day to make this transition than St. Patrick’s Day. To learn more about our green energy efforts please see our alternative energy page ( HDI looks forward to transitioning to this new logo in the coming months.

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