Essex 4/1/2013 8:26:25 PM
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Get exclusive tree services and arborist gear at Mayor Tree Services

Huge trees need regular care and grooming to retain their shape. Tree care process involves a lot of risk, thus these tasks should be handed over to well experienced and equipped professional tree services.

Mayer Tree Service, Inc. is the leading provider of all types of tree health care services and expert tree work in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. According to the Angie’s List of Tree Services, Mayer Tree Service stand at the first position for providing excellent tree services in the year 2012. Our services include expert tree pruning, hazardous tree removal, commercial, municipal and bulk wholesale mulch, comprehensive plant health care programs.

The firm is a supplier of a full range of arborist equipment like climbing gear, rigging gear, ropes, saws and protective clothing and much more available under the name Mayor Power Products. All of our products are the safest and the most efficient ones promising no damage to the arborist or the customer’s property. The Mayer Tree Service professionals have received all kinds of trainings and obtained certifications for the same.

Mayer Tree has also incorporated tree spraying and tree fertilization into our services to help our customers preserve their trees from harmful pests and other organisms. Our services are available at the most economical prices, however, if you want a prior estimate of the total expenses to be incurred by you, we offer free estimate service.