Columbia 4/18/2013 6:30:00 PM
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Throw Back to the 80’s with Hip Hop Bling’s Dookie Rope Chains

Dookie rope chains are retro and thus making a comeback in a various serious way. The dookie rope chains from Hip Hop Bling give you the same look and feel as a solid gold dookie rope chain would costing over $2,000, but at Hip Hop Bling sells our chains for a fraction of that price.

When most people think of jewelry in the 80’s, the first thing that comes to many people’s minds are the dookie rope chains worn by the pioneers of hip hop. Our chains look and feel like as real as a $2,000 chain but at Hip Hop Bling, there is no way you are paying that much for anything. Our prices and service for our chains, as well as our iced out jewelry is unbeatable. If you find anything less expensive, that means it is plastic.

As with real dookie rope, our chains feature a heavy and very secure lobster clasp mechanism that keeps this heavy and very cool looking chain around your neck. Additionally, and as with all of our merchandise, our chains are made with precision and are plated with thick coats of pure 24k gold or silver. At Hip Hop Bling, we have an obsession with detail and perfection give you the look and feel of the real deal for a fraction of the real cost.

You can get the jumbo Run DMC gold dookie rope chain measuring 36 inches and 20 mm wide. For durability, these chains are made of a hollow solid brass core with thick 24k gold plating for a realistic and long lasting look and shine. Dookie ropes are starting to get worn by all the hottest rappers and thanks to Hip Hop Bling, you can get the same look as them for a fraction of what they pay.

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