Atlanta 4/12/2013 4:40:46 AM
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14 Dead In Shootings In Mexico

Fourteen people died Wednesday in two separate shootings in western Mexico, authorities confirmed. Both shootings occurred in Michoacan, a state mostly controlled by the Knights Templar drug cartel. It is unclear if Knights Templar was responsible for Wednesday’s violence.

The first shooting happened in the town of Gabriel Zamora and involved a group of gunmen and federal police. Authorities say the gunmen were traveling in four vehicles when they opened fire on officers aboard a helicopter flying above them.  Officers returned fire and killed 5 of the gunmen. They also seized the suspect’s vehicles and 5 assault rifles.  

The second shooting occurred during a ceremonial parade in Apatzingan. Attackers opened fire twice on residents honoring Emiliano Zapata on the anniversary of his death. Eight residents died and officers shot and killed one gunman. Two police officers and 6 other residents were wounded in the shooting.


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