Atlanta 4/12/2013 11:06:41 PM
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Taiwan Authorities Seize Bomb Close To Detonation On Train Car

A bomb close to detonation was found Friday morning on a high-speed train in Taiwan, prompting the quick evacuation of hundreds of passengers. The explosive device was safely disarmed and seized by authorities for further investigation. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. said it had not received any threats in recent days.

The train was en route to the capital of Taipei from Zuoying when the device was discovered by passengers hidden in two pieces of luggage that had been left inside the restroom of a train car. Witnesses say smoke and a strong gasoline smell was coming from the bags. Passengers reported the luggage and the train stopped at a station in Hsinchu City to be evacuated.

Police say the device was made up of 5 liters of gasoline and a timed trigger device. They believe the bomb would have destroyed at least one train car. It is unclear if authorities have identified any suspects, or if anyone has been arrested.


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