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MWest Entertainment Artist JUSTICE Debuts New Hit Single "By My Side"

JMWest Entertainment Artist JUSTICE Debuts New Hit Single "By My Side"

The industry elite all came out to the Gibson Showroom on Tuesday, March 19 to celebrate JMWest Entertainment signed performing artist JUSTICE and the release of her new single "By My Side."

JUSTICE took to the stage to perform her set of powerful, exciting pop hits, and also gave the audience a sneak peek at her upcoming single, "Crazy," which will be officially released next month. She also performed several songs with accomplished cellist Hope Easton.

JUSTICE's first single, "Find A Way," was released in 2012 and charted for nine weeks, reaching #30 on the Top 40 Billboard Indicator Chart. Coming off of this recent success, "By My Side" features a warm, eclectic mix of percussive beats, layered to create an infectious sound.

The catchy, reggae-infused hit is currently making waves on the radio, and the accompanying video, which also premiered at Tuesday night's party, has over 500,000 views on YouTube, and can be viewed at

"JUSTICE is a down to earth, real girl," says Jean-Michel Soupraya, record producer and co-songwriter of "By My Side." "She's a fresh new talent. Our goal with this single was to merge the traditional with the new pop sound, and, of course, to make people move and smile."

"By My Side" can currently be preordered on iTunes.

"I write about what is really happening in my day to day life," explains JUSTICE, "I just hope that when people listen to my music they can relate to what I'm going through and that somehow through that we all feel connected in a way. That's what I look for in the music I love; and I hope that is what I bring to others through my music."

JMWest Entertainment was founded by record producer and composer Jean-Michel Soupraya. JMWest insists on maintaining artist integrity while consistently raising the bar with new and innovative approaches to sound, development, and to the marketplace as a whole.