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Aspiring Hip Hop Artist Juan Sparks Dreams Of Working With Kayne West

Dateline: Los Angeles, California, April 10, 2013 - Based out of Saint Louis Missouri, aspiring hip-hop artist Juan Sparks is a hip-hop artist with one goal in mind, and that is to get his audiences to feel his unique style of music. Sparks said recently, "My life experience fuels my song writing, and I think being able to draw off them makes the music easier to relate too. Also, I give a certain energy and emotion to the music that makes it memorable and stand out. Most people say that I've been able to do what other artists in my genre are not able to do and that is create my own sound".

Sparks has this to say when asked about his musical influences, "My musical influences would be J. Cole with his great lyrics and solid production. His music is timeless, and I'd like my music to be that way too. Also Jay Z, but most of all Kayne West also influenced me. To work with West one day is my dream. I'd love to be able to ask him questions about what inspired him to make albums like, "My Twisted Dark Fantasy" or "Late Registration".
Sparks says he's really happy to have completed his first mixtape, "Victory Musik" because no one believed he could do it, but he did. He now hopes to work on a new one soon, and have more bookings to perform his art.

Juan Sparks plays in Saint Louis but intends to spend more time at different venues throughout the US. Sparks is very excited that new fans are seeking him out to discover his unique and authentically energized style of rap hip-hop music.

Juan Sparks has recently signed with The WiFi PR Group, based in Los Angeles California for representation.
Previously Released Work: "Living the Night Life" and "Victory Musik".
Music for Juan Sparks will soon be distributed digitally on the internet: ITunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, MySpace Music and many other digital outlets.