New York 4/30/2013 12:53:43 AM
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What is Next for Tim Tebow After Jets Release?

Once a first round draft pick down to untradeable, Tim Tebow now has to decide what he is going to do the rest of his life.

Shortly after being a first-round draft pick, the Jets said good-bye to Tim Tebow in a two paragraph long statement consisting of only 138 words. This leaves Tebow in what could be at the best fork-in-the-road of his life. It is a mixed debate with Tebow. He has the physical necessities but is lacking in NFL training and conditioning which means that he will put up some highlights and then embarrass himself in the next play.

The best example of this kind of unreliability was during the 2011 season when Tebow beat the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers in a seemingly god-like way and then played the New England Patriots like it was his first day in high school.

You can blame his football upbringing through high school and college, or the fact that he is dyslexic but either way he is simply not ready to play football with the pros. He has become what many football players fear, untradeable. When the Jets tried to trade him in the offseason, there were no takers and there will continue to be no takers until he learns the little things about the game as well as the defenses.

One other thing Tebow needs to focus less on is the camera. For whatever reason, he is a huge media presence and that is ok, even when he is spreading the Good News. However the media can be a big distraction and when your career is on the line, get your priorities in order.