Atlanta 5/1/2013 6:48:11 AM
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Carolyn Moos Reacts to Jason Collins Coming Out

Jason Collins’ longtime girlfriend and one-time fiance admitting to not knowing that he was actually gay while they were going out. According to an article from Sports Illustrated, the NBA veteran of 12 years said he felt he had to live a certain way and that certain things were expected of him.

Apparently, Carolyn Moos knew nothing of his inner struggle. According to what the former WNBA player told TMZ, she found out only a couple days before we did. This made the news to her just as shocking and unexpected as with the rest of us, if not a little more.

It did give her a little closure however. She says that at the time of their break-up Jason had given a lot of reasons to not be with her, none of which made sense to her until now. She reflects on how emotional she got after investing eight years in what she thought was her dream life. They had met in college and dated for seven years until getting engaged which ended in 2009.

Collins admitted to breaking off the engagement being a tough decision, but he believed then, as he does now, that it was the right decision and that he knew he was not marrying her for the right reasons. Moos went on to tell TMZ that, although she had a hard time with these new developments initially, she does not feel anger towards Collins and actually wishes him the best.