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The Aftermath of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Josie Harris, Three Years Later

Even after spending two months in prison for punching Josie Harris, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has taken every opportunity to deny or downplay the events of September 9, 2010 by telling a completely different story of that fateful day. On the other hand, Harris has opted to relocate with their three children to Valencia, California rather than detail the attack.

After the scene in Showtime’s documentary, “30 Days in May”, the story of Mayweather’s May 4th fight with Robert Guerrero, in which there is an attempt to rationalize Mayweather’s domestic violence conviction, Harris finally decided to speak up in an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Sports

In the interview she discusses the differences between what she says happened and what Mayweather says happened. According to Mayweather, the allegations are exaggerated but Harris had doctors’ reports to prove her side of the story.

The conflict began during a verbal confrontation between Mayweather and Harris, when the latter returned home from, according to the police report, bowling with friends. During the conflict in which the police were called, Mayweather took his leave. At 5am he returned to the house to find Harris asleep, but he took her cell phone and saw texts from C.J. Watson, an NBA guard. That was when he woke Harris up yelling about her seeing him despite the two no longer being together.

According to Harris, all that has transpired is now in the past and although they can never live together again, he is a capable and loving father and a good friend.

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osie Harris, Floyd Mayweather's ex and mother of his children, opens up about physical abuse she suffered at the hands of Floyd, which 50 Cent commented about on Twitter. Josie reveals what started the argument, revealing that it had nothing to do with her house being dirty, as 50 had claimed.