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Former Wrestler Propels Parati Competitive Rowing to a new level of Discipline and Success

Members of a very successful Woodlands rowing team never dreamed that a former D1 wrestler could lead them to the medals podium.

Members of a very successful Woodlands rowing team never dreamed that a former D1 wrestler could lead them to the medals podium. At first glance, wrestling and rowing seem to have little in common. But Mike Rosman, head coach of Parati Competitive Rowing, credits his Big Ten NCAA wrestling career for his success in coaching crew.

As Mike explains, “Wrestling is a much more complicated sport than rowing; in wrestling you must be on offense while reacting to your opponent’s moves. Wrestlers must be flexible, strong, and have a very high pain tolerance. Rowing is more of a finesse sport. Mechanically, rowing simply requires mastery of a stroke. Sounds easy, but the key to rowing success is repeating that stroke throughout an entire race without losing form or speed. This is where my wrestling training kicks in. I know how to build strength, endurance, and mental discipline into my athletes so they can push through the pain in competition and maintain effective technique. The measure of success is not how precise your first strokes are, but how fast and efficient you are at the finish line.”

To that end, Coach Mike incorporates many aspects of full body fitness into Parati’s year round training schedule. The athletes in this Woodlands rowing club embrace high intensity cardio work-outs and weight lifting in addition to endurance rowing sessions. Rowers use ergs, stationery rowing machines, to increase conditioning and compete on land against teammates. Blade work refines rowing technique on the water and demands mental focus and repetition.

So how does Coach Mike motivate his athletes to maintain such a strong work ethic?

According to Mike, it’s simple; “I train alongside my rowers. They know I am willing to work as hard as they are, and I am a lot older! Again, this is where my wrestling background serves me well as a coach. I am in great shape and mentally tough – I do not quit. I lead by example.”

Rosman’s philosophy is paying off. In its inaugural year as a club, Parati Competitive Rowing is already the most successful youth rowing club in The Woodlands.

But it’s more than just rowing according to all the members. Coach Mike sums up the club’s attitude; “Parati is more than just a team; we are a family. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun together. It’s easier to go that extra mile in training when you are in the company of friends.”

About Parati Competitive Rowing:

Parati Competitive Rowing is a non-profit Club team located in The Woodlands, Texas. We are a co-ed youth sculling team that trains rigorously year round and competes at local, regional, and national levels.