Jacksonville 5/8/2013 9:48:21 PM
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Nobody Likes Tim Tebow, Not Even the Jacksonville Jaguars

Sports franchises all over the country are avoiding Tim Tebow like the plague, even in his home state of Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars are not having him. Although some fans are fighting for the team to sign the free agent, new general manager, David Caldwell is holding the same ground as he did when he was first hired in January.

According to Caldwell, Tim Tebow is one of the same recurring themes that he is trying to avoid. He wants a fresh start and a new energy. The team has a lot of new coaches under coach Gus Bradley, and even a new owner in Shad Khan. Not to mention himself (David Caldwell) as the new general manager.

Among the themes that he was referring to would be the fan and media pressure to play Tebow, ranked by Forbes Magazine as the most influential American athlete even with his throwing struggles at the pro level.

Tim Tebow chose the New York Jets over Jacksonville as he was getting traded from the Broncos because he thought it would be better for him in the long run. However, Tebow saw very little field time last year despite the struggles that Mark Sanchez was having and after experiencing the media and fan distraction in 2012, the Jets waved goodbye to Tim Tebow when the Jets couldn’t find a trade partner in last month’s draft and the former University of Florida star went unclaimed.

A sign to just how bad Jaguars fans want Tebow in Jacksonville is the online petition that asked fans to urge President Obama to call Caldwell and “tell him to stop ignoring the Jaguars fans and sign Tim Tebow.” This was removed from the White House website on Monday. Tim’s backers point to his winning record at Denver and a first-round victory over Pittsburgh in the 2011 playoffs. Even with his 46.5 completion percentage he has the forte to lead late comebacks and his mobility to make up for it.

To show how dedicated Tim Tebow is, despite having a bleak, or at least uncertain, future he continues to work in the offseason with outside coaches and trainers to improve in the areas in which he is wanting (i.e. throwing) but some NFL executives believe that the sun has set on Tim Tebow’s NFL career and that they need to start looking to develop a younger quarterback.

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