New York 5/8/2013 10:25:45 PM
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Knicks Get Unexpected Boost from Bernard King Tweets

The now defunct twitter account may be lost forever, but it will be remembered forever, especially by the New York Knicks.

The Account was shut down on Monday after scolding the team after they lost Game 1 to Indiana. According to Knicks players, King was not the real tweeter but rather an unnamed friend who was telling the team to take high-percentage shots, not to be a one-man show and use ball movement. Carmelo Anthony was singled out in Twitter and was told to drive, dish and work the paint if he is having shoulder problems.

Whoever was sending the tweets, be it King or his anonymous friend, they went straight to heart and the Knicks improved considerably on Tuesday beating the Pacers 105-79 and tying the series.

Anthony later mentioned that, because he knew King very well, he did not think too much about it. He said that King reached out to him to apologize later saying that it was not something that he said.

The All-Star has been scoring about 26.4 points per game throughout the five previous postseason games on a rough shooting clip of 34.8%. There was also little shooting from the field and neither contest has any that went above 50%.

Tuesday was a different story as Anthony hit 13-of-26 shots from the field. Further showing the fire that was lit under him after Monday, Anthony had two steals, three assists and much better ball movement. He drove to the basket and finished strong knocking in the high-percentage shots that the tweets demanded.

When Anthony left the game in with 4:55 left in the fourth quarter, he left to a standing ovation from the loyal Knicks fans.

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