Detroit 5/9/2013 12:26:40 AM
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Titus Young Teaches Us it is Possible to Be Arrested Twice in the Same Day

Although you have to start off pretty early, it is possible to be arrested twice in the same day. Titus Young taught us that last Sunday.

The former Detroit Lions receiver is one of those guys that never learns. Even after being let go of the lions on Feb. 4 for a long list of transgressions, then subsequently picked up by St. Louis who waived him shortly thereafter. Jeff Fisher is known for his taking chances on players who like to play as hard off the field as they do on it, so to have a player that Fisher doesn’t want means something.

A report from Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press reads that Young was arrested twice in a 15-hour period last Sunday being first pulled over for drunk driving at 12:01 a.m. by the Moreno Valley police in Southern California and subsequently arrested for DUI. He was booked, issued a citation and subsequently released.

Shortly after that, at 2.22 p.m. that day, police responded to a call from a tow yard where Young had been seen jumping the fence to “steal his own car” back. He was arrested and taken to the exact same detention center.

Things for Young have always been a little tumultuous. When he was first drafted in the 2nd round of the 2011 NFL draft, he showed a lot of potential. However things quickly went downhill after he sucker-punched his teammate, Louis Delmas, during practice and then lined up in the wrong place during a game in protest of his little playing time. He had been sent home on multiple occasions on the charge of insubordination and tweeted several times things that imply he thinks of himself as a one man show. The icing on the cake is the time he claimed to be better than Calvin Johnson.

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said if trying to trade Young that he didn’t. He knew there was no trade value in such a rambunctious player who had burned so many bridges in such a short amount of time. Even before Sunday, there was barely a slim chance of him getting signed to any team, but now it is nearly impossible. Unless he becomes very enlightened very quickly it appears the Titus Young’s short stint as an NFL receiver is over.

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