Atlanta 5/9/2013 3:41:23 AM
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Cargo Ship Accident In Italy Kills 7

A cargo ship slammed into the dock in the Italian city of Genoa late Tuesday, toppling a 167 foot tall maritime traffic control tower. Most of the mangled tower landed in the harbor.

The Italian Fire Brigade confirmed Wednesday dive teams had recovered 7 bodies from the wreckage. The dead include a port captain, a tug boat operator, and three coast guard officials that were in the control tower. Four people were injured and two people remain missing. It is believed the missing may be trapped inside a tower elevator submerged in the harbor.

The cargo ship involved in the accident has been identified as Jolly Nero of the Genoa-based Ignazio Messina & C. SpA shipping line. The 784 foot long, 98 foot wide vessel hit the dock as it was leaving port around 11 p.m., the same time as a shift change in the control tower. Genoa Port Authority president Luigi Merlo says the cause of the accident remains unclear because the Jolly Nero had more than enough room to make its way out of the harbor.

Messina Shipping said it is supporting the investigation into the crash. "There aren't words to express the dismay and profound condolences for the victims of this tragedy and their families," the company said in a statement.


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