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ICE Cycle Forecasts Update on YTD Results in 85% Success Rate Over First 2 Months

ICE Cycle Forecasts Update on YTD Results in 85% Success Rate Over First 2 Months

The Sacred Science Institute published the 2013 ICE Cycle Forecast Reports earlier this year. The ICE reports cover 10 markets and provide two to four major and eight to ten secondary cyclic turning points throughout the year for each market. With the information contained in the reports, investors and traders can accurately time the most highly profitable intermediate term trades.

Subscribers to the ICE reports can select as few as one or two reports and as many as all 10. The reports cover the following 10 markets: S&P 500, NASDAQ, Apple, Amazon, Euro/Dollar, Crude Oil, Copper, Coffee, Orange Juice, and Soybeans. For March through the 1st week of May, the 2013 ICE Cycle Forecast identified four major and sixteen secondary cyclic turning points, for a total of 20 timing signals over the two-month period, across all 10 markets.

The ICE reports issued a forecast advisory of a MAJOR METALS CYCLE expected in the second or third week of May 2013. This forecast identifies one of the two or three most important points for all metals this year.

To date, the forecasts resulted in clear-cut turns and dramatic movements for fourteen of the sixteen secondary points, and three of the four major turning points. Of the 17 successful signals, eight produced moves of over 10%, five between 6-10%, and 4 between 2-6%. The other three failed points were considered unsuccessful due to sideways congestion following the signal. The complete charts for all 20 forecasted trades are available online.

As the first of two examples of the major cyclic turning points, the ICE Cycle Forecast for Copper identified a high probability point on March 15. Copper plunged 50 points, about 15%, in the month following the forecast. (See Fig. 1).

The ICE Cycle Forecast for Apple Computer identified the week of March 29 as a High Probability cyclic change. In fact, Apple hit a high of approximately 470 and dropped over the next three weeks to approximately 385, a total of 85 points, or 18%. (See Fig. 2)

The ICE Cycle Forecast is ideal for investors and traders interested in a strategy similar to a Position Trader. Such a trader does not seek long-term investments, nor does he want to sit in front of a computer screen all day attempting to trade every swing. Rather, he seeks intermediate term, high probability trades, which produce maximum profit potential for minimum effort.

The objective of the forecasts: Achieve high risk-to-reward ratios due to powerful converging cycles on key timing dates. With the ICE Reports, the trader can simply schedule trades based on the highest probability for a cyclic change followed by a large impulse move in the market of interest. By taking fewer but better positions in each market, the trader will generate higher returns with fewer trades and less risk.

About Sacred Science Institute: The Sacred Science Institute is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, non-religious, Research Institute dedicated to the rediscovery and application of Sacred Science in numerous fields of technology, science and philosophy.