Miami 5/9/2013 9:50:53 PM
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Unforgettable Game 2, Bulls See Red Against LeBron James and the Heat

Game 2 of the Miami vs Heat series will from now on be known as the biggest win in playoffs history for the Heat and the biggest loss in playoffs history for the Bulls. In the 115-78 rout by the Heat, there were nine technical fouls, a flagrant, and two ejections. It was more of a boxing match than a basketball game.

The most memorable moment is probably going to be the image of Bulls forward Taj Gibson cussing out the referee Scott Foster with complete disregard for the future of his season.

Bulls forward Jimmy Butler said after the game, “Once frustration set in, everything went downhill.”

The Bulls can blame LeBron James for most of their recent woes. He caused so many problems for the visitors that all they could do was cuss, stomp around and then get back on the bus. This was no accident, Tuesday night when James went to a Miami gym alone for a quick workout between games. He spent time with a couple trainers to work on his lateral movement and his lower body strength.

From tip off in Game 2, James’ work and focus started paying off as the NBA MVP was unleashed on the Bulls. He scored 12 points in the first quarter compared to 2 points in the entire first half of Game 1. From the very first foul by Jimmy Butler, LeBron James started laying it on, leaping from his own baseline to steal a pass, and then going up for a stunning tomahawk dunk.

After a while the Bulls stopped trying to get a game plan going and started throwing shoulders, shoving and staring down their opponents and refs and that quickly turned into verbal and physical shows of aggression. Most notably of course was Taj Gibson’s second-half raining F-bombs down on anyone within ear shot.

Now is when the series really starts. The Bulls were ready for the team they played in Game 1 and were not expected the team that won the Championship a year ago. On the other hand, the Heat was not expecting much of a fight from the Bulls after cruising through the last three months. Now that their best has been measured and everyone is now on their toes the only question is, “Who will prevail in Game 3?”

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