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Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Amanda Biles of

Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Amanda Biles of

Roy, WA – In the equestrian, protection and safety are of the utmost importance. With advances in products, today’s rider has many incredible options to suit the varying needs when riding a horse. Since 2012, Amanda Biles of has provided the highest quality products to meet equestrian needs.

From a young age, Amanda enjoyed riding, competed in many equestrian events, until eventually becoming a horse trainer. “I loved training and competing but realized I couldn’t do this my entire life. I wanted to share my knowledge and do something to help others,” exclaims Biles.

What separates from others in the industry is the detailed level of research Amanda puts into each product and into the manufacturers the company is supplied by. In addition, the company offers free shipping on its products.

“It all goes back to customer service. Eliminating shipping costs is an added bonus to the equestrian enthusiast. To ensure the highest level of safety and durability, we only use reputable manufacturers.”

The assortment of vests provided by , include warming vests, cooling vests, body protector vests, inflatable vests, along with a variety of vest accessories.

Amanda Biles of will be discussing all of the essential equestrian products she offers on a two-part series feature on Close-Up Talk Radio with host Jim Masters at The feature will air live on May 12th and May 19th at 4pm EDT on their respective dates. Listeners are encouraged to dial-in at 347‐996‐3389.

For more information visit, email, or call 253-843-9541.