Atlanta 5/10/2013 2:31:12 AM
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5 People Jump To Their Deaths To Escape Fire At Pakistan Office Building

Pakistan officials say at least 5 people jumped to their deaths from a 13 story government building in Lahore on Thursday after a fire broke out and spread to upper floors. Four of the victims plunged from the seventh and eighth floors, where the blaze is believed to have originated.

Onlookers prayed as smoke billowed out of windows of the Lahore Development Authority building and desperate people hung out of windows trying to find a way to escape the blaze. Military helicopters plucked people from the rooftop while firefighters battled the fire. It is unclear how many people are trapped.

Police officer Maruf Wahla said a spark from a generator started the fire. Wahla also said the death toll is expected to rise. No other details were immediately available.

See pictures of the scene in the photo gallery below.


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