Los Angeles 5/10/2013 8:35:30 PM
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After 12 Seasons, Randy Jackson Leaves American Idol

“American Idol’s” only constant judge is finally leaving the show. Randy confirmed to E! News that he will be leaving the show after Season 12.

In the only way he knows how, Randy Jackson announced that he was ending all the speculation by announcing that he decided to leave after the season. He says that he wants to focus more on his own company, Dream Merchant 21 and other businesses, but he is very proud of how they changed television and the music industry.

This comes right after “The Wrap” reported that Fox supposedly intends to fire off all the current judges and possibly producer Nigel Lythgoe.

While some people will be upset by this news, others will be overjoyed as Jackson has often been called a useless judge. Despite his long and prosperous career working and playing with some of the biggest names to ever be in music, Carlos Santana, Jerry Garcia, Whitney Houston Celine Dion, Fergie, Aretha Franklin, Madonna and Mariah Carey, just to name a few, all he ever seems to do is make little catch-phrases and cliches and celebrity name drops rather than actual criticism.

That doesn’t exclude the fact that the judge that outlasted all the other judges. There was something about seeing Randy Jackson that made you remember the good ole’ days of “American Idol”.

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