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Is Tim Tebow Getting Blackballed for No Reason?

In the nine short days after his release from the New York Jets, the uber-popular, yet unemployed, quarterback has nowhere to go, because there is no team in the NFL that seems to want him, not even Canada.

Football teams blame his passing and his inability to read defenses, but another major reason is the media attention he gets everywhere he goes. One of the NFC coaches mentioned that Tebow “seems like a great guy” and that he would probably make a “good backup” but not with the effort of dealing with all the media and fan attention that would surely follow. An NFC offensive coordinator goes as far as to compare Tebow’s distraction-factor on par with Terrell Owens.

Part of the reason the Jets cast Tebow out so fast probably has to do with that is coincided with a Benznini Brothers-style disaster of a 2012 season. This caused the Jets players to choose sides and make a lot of controversial comments.

That being said, it is easy to understand the reason that some NFL teams are looking over Tebow, but with players like Ryan Lindley, Chandler Harnish and Matt Blanchard still playing it’s hard to understand how no NFL team will take him. Tebow is a hard worker with a non-stop positive attitude with great leadership qualities and a pretty solid lucky streak, or God.

Either way it is clear that Tebow still has a lot of hard work and time to invest in himself before he is ready to be an NFL starter again. The only thing is that no team has the faith in Tebow to see his advantages. The Broncos getting rid of him, or at least the reason they gave, seems understandable, pursuing Peyton Manning and “bringing hope to the locker room,” however why the Jets wanted him, seemingly without a full understanding of what they were getting. They were clearly not ready for him to look as bad in practice and in the preseason as he did especially his accuracy. But then again, if you don’t know how to use the product, why get it?

Even though two former quarterbacks have been working with Tebow and claim to have fixed him, he still may not be up to NFL standards and as long as no team wants him, he never will be. He will never get to show off his new and improved footwork, and it is kind of sad because there will be no closure for anyone, not Tebow and not his fans.

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