Astoria 5/11/2013 9:32:07 PM
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iTunes Distributor Pays $1.5 Million To Indies

Xeinge Group, the parent company of Venzo Digital, the state-of-the-art distribution technology platform has reported substantial growth in music sales to date. Venzo Artists has generated over $1.5 Million in gross music sales since its official launch in January 2012. More than 3.5 million units generated from digital content.

Venzo Digital is an online music platform that helps people sell their music online to stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and eMusic for free. Artists using the service are able to sell unlimited music while earning 80% royalties on their music sold.

"Venzo Digital has shown great promises for us as a barrier to entry into the new music business. To be able to generate over $1.5 million and 3.5 million units in one year since its launch without any venture capital funding is truly unprecedented. More than 90% of our gross sales milestone came from iTunes, 5% coming from Spotify, and the other 5% coming from the rest of our digital partners. We look forward to reproduce these kind of results from this business with our app business by the end of 2015." Says Kevin Rivers, Founder/CEO of Xeinge Group.

Venzo Digital was recently awarded the "Top 25 Companies to Watch in 2012" from AlwaysOn. Apart from its digital music business, Xeinge Group wholly owns NZOD, Rivers Bank, and its upcoming business AvertizeMe. Each businesses focus on iOS apps, investments, and marketing respectively.

About Venzo Digital

Venzo Digital is a web platform that enables users to sell music online to stores like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and eMusic for FREE! Users are able to deliver unlimited music, music videos, and ringtones while earning 80% royalties from their music.