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PINC Solutions Recognized as 2013 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine

PINC Solutions, the leading provider of advanced yard management and supply chain solutions, has been recognized as Top 100 logistics IT provider by Inbound Logistics Magazine in 2013.

“Every April for the past 17 years, Inbound Logistics editors have selected 100 logistics technology companies that enable logistics and supply chain excellence. PINC Solutions was recognized by Inbound Logistics for leading the way in 2013 and positioning enterprises for the years ahead,” said Felicia Stratton, Editor at Inbound Logistics magazine. “PINC excels at providing solutions that drive supply chain excellence and answer IL readers' need for simplicity, ROI, and efficient implementation. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor PINC Solutions for continuing to offer our readers solutions that optimize logistics and supply chain excellence.”

“We are very excited to be selected as one of the top technology companies for supply chain management in North America,” said Dr. Aleks Gollu, CTO of PINC Solutions. “PINC’s goal is to facilitate commerce by enabling companies to move inventory faster through the supply chain. The secret? Make our customers’ yards more efficient and connected resulting in a more agile, predictable supply chain with much lower cost of operation.”

Every April, Inbound Logistics editors recognize 100 logistics IT companies that support and enable logistics excellence. Drawn from a pool of more than 300 companies, using questionnaires, phone calls, personal interviews, and other research, Inbound Logistics selects the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers who are leading the way in 2013. Editors seek to match readers' fast-changing needs to the capabilities of those companies selected.  All companies selected reflect leadership by answering Inbound Logistics readers' needs for simplicity, ROI, and efficient implementation.

About Inbound Logistics:
Inbound Logistics is the pioneering publication of demand-driven logistics practices, also known as supply chain management. IL's educational mission is to guide businesses to efficiently manage logistics, reduce and speed inventory, and neutralize transportation cost increases by aligning supply to demand and adjusting enterprise functions to support that paradigm shift.

About PINC Solutions:
PINC Solutions is the leading provider of real-time supply chain asset visibility and advanced yard management management solutions, with Fortune-500 customers in manufacturing, retail, logistics, and transportation sectors. PINC has pioneered the development of cost-effective RTLS using passive RFID technologies that minimizes capital investment required in the infrastructure. PINC’s award-winning products are designed with a scalable architecture for businesses of any size, and are expandable with modular components as customers’ needs grow. Available as turnkey solutions with optional hosting and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), these systems have proven their value through immediate efficiency improvements in customers’ daily operations, typically generating positive ROIs in less than a year.