Chicago 5/15/2013 4:10:42 PM
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Two Chicago Dream Dinners Locations to Share Leadership

Chicago’s fix-and-freeze market has turned up the heat, as Jodi and Scott Hamilton, owners of Dream Dinners Chicago and Damen, located at 740 N. Damen, expand their business to include Dream Dinners on Belmont Avenue, located at 2124 W. Belmont. Previously operated under separate leaders, this move will allow for a consistency of vision and quality at Dream Dinners’ two Illinois locations.

The menus, food quality and top-notch customer service will remain the same at both Dream Dinners stores. Jodi said that the additional location allows her and Scott to make a broader impact on Chicago’s busy families and young professionals. “In the two years since we’ve opened the Chicago and Damen location, we’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many gracious and wonderful moms, dads and kids,” she said. “With the latest development, we’re thrilled to meet our new neighbors and make mealtime delicious, nutritious and easy for even more Chicago families and young  professionals.”

Dream Dinners simplifies mealtime by offering a service that allows customers to assemble meals ahead of time, providing their families with healthy, home-cooked dinners at their convenience. The Chicago and Damen location, which opened in February 2011, increased its revenue by more than 200 percent since opening, and has become one of the company’s most successful franchise locations in the nation. The store recently received the franchise’s prestigious Presidents’ CUP award in recognition of its high achievement.

Dream Dinners caters to busy moms and dads who want to have it all—including a healthy family meal, without the fuss. Customers are presented with a number of choices for their meals. They can set up an in-store appointment and select prepped ingredients to assemble their dinners, which are packaged to go and can be stored in a family’s refrigerator or freezer, for enjoyment throughout the month. Or customers can purchase pre-made, pre-packaged meals at either Dream Dinners location. The cost of an average Dream Dinners meal is as low as $5 per person.

About Dream Dinners Chicago:
Dream Dinners is a meal-assembly service that provides everything needed to create healthy, family-friendly dinners. Dream Dinners saves families time and money by taking away the grocery store runs, preparation time and cleanup. For more information on Dream Dinners Chicago and Damen.