Scranton 5/15/2013 4:43:52 PM
News / Automotive Offers Best Used Cars in Scranton with Easy Financing

Auto Now, the leading used car dealer in Scranton assures to present with extensive range of thoroughly inspected used cars with easy financing facilities & low down payment

The Scranton residents on the lookout for reliable Scranton used car dealerships need not search further- Auto Now, a leading used vehicle dealer in Scranton has assured to offer best used vehicles. The used vehicle dealer also assured of easy financing facilities from their store.

"We know that people are usually in a dilemma while shopping for used cars. With us, you are always ensured of premium standard used cars in Scranton that can guarantee a relishing and safe ride for you in further years. All the cars presented from our stored are featured only after a thorough expert inspection. Moreover, we also help our clients with smooth and effective financing assistance with guaranteed credit approval facility", said the spokesperson from

They have a 61 point inspection system for all vehicles where each of the vehicles from the store are inspected and serviced by licensed technicians. The inspection covers all the major aspects of the vehicles including engine, suspension, transmission, brakes, cooling, electrical & more.

When it comes to the inventory, the firm has a versatile display of used cars from their store. Speaking about the significance of the services offered, the spokesperson said, "Our customers here have the facility to pick up a vehicle as per their choice of make and model. We have equipped ourselves with a grand inventory and here you can find a great range of used models from almost all the elite brands such as Audi, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Hyundai & many more".

Auto Now focuses on serving the customers with cheap used cars in Scranton pa. The firm is renowned for its comparatively low down-payment charges than other used auto dealerships here. The down payment at Auto Now starts from 199 USD only.

"You can trust on us for a smooth financing facility as we do not need SS # and won't look at your previous credit problems. In case we are unable to arrange financing for your chosen vehicle we are ready to offer it for free", the spokesperson added further.