Fayetteville 5/16/2013 4:21:51 PM
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Georges Inc.. Releases Vendor Name and Benefits for their GPS services

Jeff Overstreet the Director of Transportation for George’s Inc states “The number one benefit for the GPS devices began with a large check for the IFTA fuel tax refund that was retroactive for three years.  This effort funded the GPS initiative. GPS Autotracker Inc. offers software that prepares the IFTA quarterly report for rapid “print, sign and send” process.

The number two benefit for the GPS devices came in the form of split timing ability to keep the production facilities full of birds to process.  The cost for the facility to be out of birds is a large amount of money per minute.  The ability to pull in the closest truck with the largest portion of a complete load allows us to rarely be without birds to process.

The number three benefit for the GPS devices comes with the loss prevention in the case of an accident.

The GPS allows us to drill down to the minute by minute sequence of events leading to and including the accident.  It has saved us thousands in showing the courts the degree of safety we instill in our drivers.

The fourth benefit is for the benefit of the farmer that calls with delivery issues.  With the history we can show the place and time of drop off of feed to or from the farms.  With Google Earth maps we can also tell new drivers turn by turn directions to the landmarks (farms).

The fifth benefit for the GPS devices is great for the “over the road” trucks for maintaining the timely delivery of the finished product to market.

The sixth benefit for the GPS devices is that each manager has a log in for their division of trucks.  They see exactly what is going with very close to real time mapping with just their trucks.

Probably the best benefit is the overall change in the behavior of the fleet when the drivers know there is a team behind them helping them do their job with all hands on deck managing the company’s products from farm to market.

In Conclusion, the decision to use GPS technology and GPS Autotracker Inc. has proven to be a very positive move on our part.  

Jeff Overstreet
Director of Transportation
Georges Inc.