Lakeview 5/16/2013 7:08:52 PM
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Agriscape Announces Sales Of 100% Organic Mulching Products

Agriscape Inc.has announced the sale of 100% organic mulching products and their elite services of providing organic landscaping solutions to homeowners and commercial firms in Corona, Riverside, Ontario, San Bernardino, and Escondido

Agriscape Inc., the leading landscaping compost andmulch supplier and service provider in Southern California, is offering organic mulching with 100% recycled materials. The company caters to both homeowners and commercial organizations for organic landscaping solutions.

With the largest array of planting mixes, organic recycled compost, colored woodchips, and mulches, this company even offers their products to organic farmers, landscape contractors, garden suppliers, landscape architects, greenhouses, homeowners, and plant nurseries. Providing mulching supplies and services, they use all organic materials produced through their own Green Waste Dumping & Recycling Services. This is processed at their 200-acre location in Lake View, California.

"We recycle 2600 tons of Green and Wood Waste every single month at our site. We receive the Green Waste from our neighboring cities, various tree service companies, landscapers and homeowners," said the spokesperson of Agriscape.

They also provide products and services to five other counties in Southern California- Corona, Riverside, Ontario, San Bernardino, and Escondido as an elite Landscape Supplier.

Speaking about the ingredients they use in their mulching produce, and its purpose, the manager of Agriscape stated, "We aim at producing quality organic compost. This is done by instituting a controlled decay of yard trimmings, wood shavings, paper, cardboard and kitchen scraps. For our mulches, we use all these controlled compost materials along with grass clippings and leaves to create a material which is rich in nutrients, good for mulching, and also for the benefit of the soil's quality."

Ranging from gravel to compost to various kinds of wood shavings and concrete sand, Agriscape is an elite organic landscape provider of everything you can think of that's related to soil and landscaping for any kind of setting.

Apart from compost and mulching products, Agriscape Inc. also provides services in tree trimming, mobile wood grinding, and developmental projects (brush cleaning, tree clearing, orchards, ranches, etc).

"In our special Green Waste Dumping Recycling And Disposal Service, we accept materials like non-painted wood, dirt, wood shavings, logs, tree branches, lumber, plants, grass, manure, etc. So If you are in the areas of Corona, Riverside, Ontario, San Bernardino, and Escondido and would like to lend a helping hand in your community and go green, contact Agriscape Today!" the manager added.