New York 5/17/2013 1:49:53 AM
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AGRION, the Energy, Cleantech and Sustainability Business Network, Announces It is now Accepting New Members to Join Their Seminars, Projects and Task Forces

AGRION brings together business leaders and key stakeholders for cleaner, more efficient energy development and resilient infrastructure planning through weekly onsite and online meetings, task forces and initiatives across multiple verticals in cities worldwide.

AGRION, the business network for energy, cleantech and sustainability, is now accepting new members into its organization. AGRION brings industry leaders together around task forces, projects, and key issues to plan for a resource-constrained future involving the energy and cleantech industries. With over 250 member companies and nearly 250,000 professionals in network, AGRION teams in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Brussels and Beijing work around the clock to identify the most critical developments in energy efficiency, green building, microgrids, smart cities, smart grid, energy storage, sustainability, solar, wind and more.

“AGRION’s power is in our specialized networks and our ability to assemble the right stakeholders to move markets,” says Nicholas J. Davis, Managing Director of AGRION Americas. “We have hundreds of billions of dollars in deployable capital walking through our doors every week, looking to our network for fundable opportunities in the energy and infrastructure space." AGRION members are the pulse of the market, and they are brought together through weekly roundtables, webinars, summits, projects, task forces, and reports. Institutional investors, private equity firms, strategic buyers, service providers, utilities, law firms, consultants, startups, and innovative technology companies need apply.

AGRION projects and task forces include the Microgrid Demonstration Project, Zero Net Energy Building Framework, the Energy Storage Initiative, the Solar Financing Task Force, and many more. AGRION exists to mainstream this industry and make it more efficient. Whether trafficking in thought leadership and idea exchange or raising capital for innovative businesses in the energy space, AGRION exists to be a catalyst for progress in an industry generally known for moving glacially slow.

AGRION members include companies like eBay, Bank of America, PwC, AECOM, Panasonic, Yahoo!, Ingersoll Rand, Church and Dwight, Chadbourne and Parke, EDF France, Orange Telecom, and hundreds more. “There is big money at stake in this industry at the moment, and directing investors to the best technologies and opportunities makes this work really exciting,” says Davis. While there are many large corporates using the AGRION platform, some of the most rewarding projects come from working with international governments. One of AGRION's most interesting clients is JETRO, the Japanese External Trade Organization. JETRO is looking to bring clean energy project developers to Tokyo as Japan reduces their nuclear energy profile in the wake of the Fukushima-Daichi incident.”

AGRION is a global business network for energy and sustainability. Through weekly events in San Francisco, New York, Frankfurt, Paris and Beijing, AGRION provides a platform for members to connect, exchange ideas, and identify business opportunities. Our global network enables AGRION members to determine critical business drivers, explore innovation, and realize sustainable growth in a world challenged by resource constraints, climate change, and evolving political landscapes. To learn more or create your own profile, visit