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National Export Initiative - Double Your Exports: Webinar

Claremont, CA, May 17, 2013 -- National Export Initiative: An Overview WEB Seminar
WEB Seminar
Thursday, May 16, 2013
2.00 p.m to 3.30 p.m. Pacific Time

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The Federal Government supports businesses in creating profitable export business.

Is YOUR business taking full advantage of this income potential?

Expert Knowledge
Whether experienced or new to exporting, learn how to:

• Double Exports by developing and implementing a business plan;
• Find money to expand your exports;
• Use government mega-portals to find free resources that work for you;
• Place your business strategically into the global economy.

"This under-utilized initiative has the potential of realizing millions of dollars in profits for U.S. companies over the next five years."
- John W. Tulac
Attorney at Law
Professor of International Law and
International Businessman

A dynamic public speaker with thirty-five years of legal experience, peer recognized as a preeminent expert in international business law.

"Dedicated to developing and supporting lucrative export business plans and income streams for U.S. companies."

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