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Recruitment Training Specialists Centred Excellence Offer a Unique Training Programme That Helps Recruitment Managers

Recruitment Training Specialists Centred Excellence Offer a Unique Training Programme That Helps Recruitment Managers

Recruitment managers, team leaders and company directors need to build, lead and manage highly effective teams as well as meeting billing targets. The most successful and ambitious recruitment managers in these roles don't just want to hit targets, either – they want their teams to excel. Edinburgh based Centred Excellence offer a comprehensive and unique recruitment training program for managers over six months, which gives the skills they need to succeed.

Managing any team requires a highly developed set of skills, and in a target driven industry like recruitment, managers face the additional challenge of needing to have their teams billing consistently. One recruitment training company that understands these pressures is Centred Excellence, whose CEO Nicky Coffin built her own recruitment company and overcame similar challenges. She now shares these skills and the experience she gained to help recruitment managers excel in their role.

Centred Excellence offer a wide range of training solutions, courses and resources for manager’s at all senior levels, and will soon be starting one of their popular and highly effective specialist recruitment training programs for billing managers. This is spread over a six month period that has allowed past delegates to achieve impressive billing increases of 50-250%.

The specialist billing manager recruitment training program is aimed at existing directors, managers and team leaders within the recruitment industry. Delegates undertake one full day of training in central London every other month interspersed with an online module using the latest technology. Throughout the duration of the program there are regular group calls that all members participate in. During these interactive sessions the delegates come with their questions and challenges and have a unique opportunity to walk away with an answer and a plan. This is because they can talk over specific practical challenges they have encountered while trying to bring the techniques, ideas and strategies they have learned into effect with their teams.

The structure of the program is designed to help delegates grow at a sustainable pace, with time to put their new skills and approaches into practice in their companies between sessions. This makes it easier for the benefits of the training to have impact once the manager returns from a session to “real life” recruitment management work.

This particular billing manager recruitment training program is regularly oversubscribed. The format and group coaching means that numbers are restricted. Nicky Coffin offers an exceptional course that brings results. So much so she has a unique money back guarantee if delegates to do increase their team performance as a result of implementing the strategies and ideas she shares.

The Centred Excellence specialist recruitment training course for recruitment managers aims to help overcome the challenges associated with team leadership, such as delegation, motivation and staff retention, as well as focusing on getting the best possible billing results from recruitment teams.

The upcoming six month specialist recruitment training program by Centred Excellence will begin in June, and those interested in finding out more or discussing their specific training needs should contact Centred Excellence on 0845 3194838