Atlanta 5/21/2013 3:58:44 AM
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Hot Air Balloon Collision Kills 3 In Turkey

A mid-air collision involving two hot air balloons caused the deaths of three tourists on Monday in Turkey. Authorities say the accident happened in Cappadocia, a popular destination for tourists in Nevsehir province.

Provincial governor Abdurrahman Savas said the basket of one balloon hit the top of a second balloon, tearing a hole in the second balloon envelope. The rip sent the second balloon plunging to the ground. Twenty-two tourists were injured in the accident. Many of the injured suffered fractures and broken bones.

Authorities say all three of the dead were from Brazil. The injured include citizens of Brazil, Argentina and Spain.

The accident comes almost a month after a hot air balloon crash off the coast of Peru. The balloon plunged into the Pacific Ocean with a pilot and six passengers on board. Five female passengers were rescued from the water. The pilot was found dead and the sixth passenger remains missing.


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