Atlanta 5/23/2013 11:06:43 PM
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4 Prostitutes Killed In Attack In Pakistan

Four men stormed into a brothel in Pakistan’s Balochistan province Thursday morning and opened fire on those inside. The gunman fired indiscriminately, killing five people.

The district police officer in Sibi, where the shooting occurred, said the gunmen pulled up to the brothel on two motorcycles. The attack left four prostitutes and one taxi driver dead. Two other women were wounded. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack and authorities have not identified any suspects.

Meanwhile in the provincial capital of Quetta, an explosion targeting a local Special Forces unit wounded 23 people and left 11 policemen and one civilian dead. Authorities say someone remotely detonated 220 lbs. of explosives packed in a parked vehicle just as the unit drove by.


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