Atlanta 5/24/2013 12:01:56 AM
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South Korean Man Kills Girl By Landing On Her In Suicide Plunge

A 38-year-old man inadvertently took the life of a young girl Wednesday when he jumped to his death from his apartment in Busan, South Korea.

Police say the man, identified only as Jang, leapt from the 11th floor and landed on top of the 7-year-old girl as she was walking out of the apartment building with her parents. Jang, who was battling mental illness and depression, died immediately. The girl sustained a skull fracture and was rushed to a nearly hospital where she later died. Her parents were not injured.

No other details on the accident were immediately available.

South Korea has the highest suicide rate out of the 30 countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Hungary has the second highest rate, and Japan ranks third.


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