Atlanta 5/29/2013 4:48:29 AM
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US Pilot Forced To Eject From Fighter Jet Over Pacific Ocean, Incident Under Investigation

Military officials say investigators will look in to what caused a pilot to have to eject from his F-15 jet over the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday around 9 a.m. The pilot has not been identified, but the U.S. Air Force has confirmed he was not harmed in the accident.

The Air Force says the fighter jet began experiencing unspecified problems Tuesday morning, ultimately forcing the pilot to eject before the jet plunged into the Pacific. The pilot ejected about 70 miles east of Okinawa. He remained in contact with rescuers as he floated in a life raft. A Japanese air force helicopter rescued him. The pilot was taken to a military hospital in Okinawa for evaluation. No other details were on the incident were immediately available.  

The F-15 was from the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Kadena is one of America’s largest airbases in the Pacific region.


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