Middletown 5/30/2013 1:48:47 AM
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LeadingStockAlerts: The Most Trusted Source for Penny Stock Picks

LeadingStockAlerts is a very reliable and trustworthy source for penny stock news and information. We send out newsletters to inform people of the hot penny stocks that are out there, which they are even though very few know about them. We send these free penny stock newsletters straight to your email for absolutely no charge to you. Our alerts can be extremely profitable because we are not like the other generic newsletters out there.

We are constantly hunting for small cap stocks on the move. Searching endlessly for any news that bodes well for penny stocks such as stocks being heavily promoted to investors causing massive buying volume, suspicious insider buying, unusual volume or momentum and even plausible rumors that can payoff big should they materialize.

While this kind of news can cause large cap NYSE stocks to rise about 10-30% on a good day, these same events may cause a penny stock to rise well over 100% or even 2000% in some cases. Penny stock profits can be enormous if the right thing happens and being well connected with the microcap community through our free newsletter means you will be one of the first to know when big moves are being made.

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