Oakland 5/31/2013 5:02:20 AM
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Ray Haskell Ford Lincoln Dealership’s New LED Digital Sign Takes Over to Increase Sales.

Alliance Digital Networks provided an LED sign for Ray Haskell Ford Lincoln Dealership which performed as expected catching people’s attention, adding a personal touch, and increasing sales and service volume.

Alliance Digital Networks (ADN) provides digital signage throughout the New England area and recently, they installed a new LED sign for Ray Haskell Ford Lincoln dealership. Located in Oakland, ME, the dealership is one of the premier dealerships in the area and they strive to make the customer experience a good one. They were looking for additional ways to enhance the customer’s experience, so they purchased an LED sign not only to show great deals on cars and trucks, but also show photos and profiles of the sales team to help customers connect prior to visiting.

John Mooney of Ray Haskell Ford Lincoln states, “It puts the personal touch of the actual pictures of our entire sales staff. People come in, they can ask for a particular individual by their name, and they can see their face and know what their current position is.”

The average business has over 20,000 vehicles pass by on a daily basis. Each person in these vehicles is a potential customer. The dealership recognized this potential and purchased a large Raven™ Grayscale Series LED Sign manufactured by Vantage LED, a US-based LED sign manufacturer in Corona, CA.

John Mooney added, “It’s basically free advertisement 365 days a year. It’s increased our sales. It’s increased our service volume. It’s very effective in catching people’s attention.”

ADN installed the LED sign and trained the dealership on the simple-to-use, yet powerful, LightSpeed™ software. The software is user-friendly, yet still packed with advanced features for the most tech savvy user.

Mooney exclaimed, “You program the sign to do 365 different things during the year, and just leave it; and the sign takes over.”