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Auto Dealers Embarrassed by Negative Reviews Have Difficulty Making Sales and a New Reputation Management Website is Announced by The WebSmith Group to Assist Them

Just about every auto dealership suffers from the effects of negative reviews to some degree. As anyone in business knows when someone is happy with their work, they will tell a few friends, but if they are unhappy they will tell the world, and in today's Internet age, it is easy to reach thousands or even millions of people with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Car dealers who sell new and used cars are one of the hardest hit industries when it comes to negative reviews written about them online. Here are some important facts:

1-Car Dealers get some of the most negative reviews of any industry online (along with Dentists and Veterinarians).

2-Most Auto Dealer Owners are in denial about the effect these have on their business and don't think that people believe what is written.

3-Some reputation management companies falsely claim they can get negative reviews removed.

4-It is easy to find out how many negative reviews a business has and what it is costing them in lost business.

5-The Frequency, Recency and Positivity of reviews affect businesses online page rankings on Google, or SEO.

6-Building a 5-Star Reputation is imperative to success in today’s online world.

According to research done by the Nielsen Corporation, 72% of all online readers will believe anything that they read online, including negative reviews about an auto dealership, whether they are legitimate or not. Over 84% of people who found a negative review about a car business have changed their mind about, or seriously questioned, doing work with that dealership. A single negative review can result in the loss of over $1 Million in sales over a 5-10 year period.

To find out if a business has any negative reviews, a special program is located on the page entitled “Do You Have Any Negative Reviews” by entering the local telephone number. Several dozen reviews sites are inspected and a report of the number of negative reviews will be revealed showing the owner just how bad the situation is.

An ROI calculator on the page entitled, “The Cost Of A Negative Review” will help any owner understand just how much negative reviews are actually costing the business, and will hopefully help them to be more proactive about dealing with this very sensitive issue. Once they realize that something needs to be done, the question then arises as to just what is the best path to take.

The 5-Star Max Reputation Marketing program is being announced to help auto dealerships with a system that uses 8 different ways to collect positive reviews. The simple and effective HTML format is easily read on an iPad or a tablet. It can also be accessed via a QR code through a smart phone or sent as a link in an email. It can be accessed through a text message on the phone or even phoned in by a customer as an audio recording that is transcribed by the software and posted in their behalf. The purpose of all of these methods is to make it easy for people to leave positive reviews.

A large infographic of how the system works is demonstrated on the page describing the online review process. It explains how negative reviews (those under 3 stars) are handled in a different method than positive reviews (4 and 5 stars). A negative review will send an instant text message to the business owner or car dealership manager letting them know that someone is unhappy with their experience. This will allow the manager time to solve the problem before they leave the sales office, go out, and tell the world. This is referred to as "negative review engagement". This feature can change the reputation of the business in a matter of just a couple of months and some dealers say it has dramatically changed the way they do business.

If someone leaves a positive review then that review is instantly posted on the businesses website and Facebook page. The customer then receives an email and when they get home, they will open the email thanking them for doing business and showing them the review that they left. The email will ask the customer if they wouldn't mind posting that review on one of these other websites and it gives them the opportunity to click on one of the other review sites such as Manta, Dealerrater, Edmunds, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.

In a matter of months, hundreds of positive reviews can be posted about a dealership and improve their online reputation in their local area. This creates pre-sold and pre-qualified prospects who have more trust in the dealership and more visitors to the showroom.


About the company: The website was created by The WebSmith Group to help auto dealerships generate positive reviews and improve their image online by managing their reputation and generating positive reviews online. They can be reached by calling (775) 722-4949 or by going to the website and filling out the contact form for more information, or visit our WooEB Hub at