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Qualities of a Great Wedding Planner in Central California

Good weather in California means wedding season is approaching. When this happens, many people already have a wedding planner while others are anxiously trying to find one before one of the biggest events of their lives takes place. However, when setting out to find the perfect wedding planner to help plan the perfect wedding, what should someone be looking for? Fresno wedding and event planning can be a huge undertaking, so here are some things you should keep in mind when looking for your wedding planner.

A Good Listener

This is an important trait to have as a planner because no matter what their personal opinion may be, their job is to be there to listen to the bride and try to help her have the wedding she has always dreamed about. Details are important and if the planner doesn’t listen well or tries to pull off her idea of what things should be like, it can cause hard feelings and unpleasant memories for years to come for the newlyweds.


Wedding days are always filled with unexpected surprises that need to have someone looking out for them. From not enough food to arguments arising, the wedding planner is a great person to be the neutral party who can deal with whatever comes up and help iron out the kinks. When certain things don’t show up on time or something unexpected happens, this can bring a lot of stress on not only the newlyweds, but the parents as well. Having someone who can keep calm and diffuse the situation can make all the difference.

Budget Management

If the bride has one vision of how the wedding will be but the parents of the bride, who are paying for the whole thing, see it another way, the wedding planner should be able to try and help both parties walk away happy and satisfied. Scheduling venues and vendors who are within budget is a big job, but one that you won’t have to do. The wedding planner has connections that you don’t and can hopefully help both parties feel like their desires were met. And just because something isn’t the most expensive option, it doesn’t mean that the wedding has to feel cheap at all. Bringing everything together with taste and expertise is an area in which the planner should be well-versed.

Respect and Kindness

Everyone has one of “those” family members, whether it is an uncle, aunt, sibling, or parent who seems to be saying all kinds of inappropriate things or trying to get over-involved. This is something that can only be semi-planned for, as people are not always predictable. When looking for a wedding planner, be sure that they are someone you sincerely like, but also make sure that they are respectful and kind to people they come across. You can see it displayed in the way they talk to you, as well as how they treat employees. It is easy to be nice to the bride and groom because they are the ones the event is centered around. However, it is not absurd to want your planner to treat everyone else just as well, including guests and crazy relatives.