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MECHANIFOIL: Third in a series - New Science Terminology News - The Mechanical Path of Motion For The Third Use of the Bernoulli Principle Discovered By Dante A. Donatelli Jr.

ONEGIFT4POWER, in the continuing effort to educate those who may  want to join us, (as we are presently in our one and only fund drive and need financial help,) to Help GOD with returning his pristine Earth back to HIM, Help the World with an original, best energy and fuel, Help the Contributors with an offer than is unprecedented,  and Help America with a cheaper, cleaner and safer electrical energy by eliminating the dirty and unsafe electrical generating plants, and furnish a cheap, clean and safe fuel for all Electric Auto’s, about the New Science and Power Plants we own and control,  presents the following.
This is the THIRD of a series of Eight disclosures. It contains some 2100 words, and takes about 9 minutes to read.  If ANYONE wants to know the truth about a profound, much needed by Earth, 1807 ENERGY and FUEL, from an 1856 ENERGY SOURCE, a New Science which now exists on Earth, as relates to the 1807 ENERGY discovery, AND then wants to contribute to ONEGIFT4POWER, he or she must read this.
In 1968, Dante A. Donatelli Jr., President of ONEGIFT4POWER and giver of the Intellectual Property and the gift in 2005,  discovered the Third Use of the Bernoulli principle for discreet matter. (Read Dr. Richard Olenick’s, Nationally and World recognized physics professor, author, T. V. Producer, etc., on the website, in one of his three reports on this subject, and if HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS, NO ONE IN THE WORLD DOES., and if one doesn’t believe him, WHO WILL THEY BELIEVE?)
Dante was continuing to invent more mechanics, ( after his success in 1964, as he already had three innovative Power Plants by 1968,)  to put solid matter into motion in one of his Power Plants, using yet another Basic Law of Nature as relates to solid matter in motion, (as he discovered ten Basic Laws of Nature and invented ten mechanical innovative Power Plants,) and the mechanical motion of the solid matter objects, attached-to-the-mechanics, path of travel, was such that the objects traveled faster in one direction than they did in the return direction.
What makes this so amazing is the fact that the motion path was continuous, and never before in history did any mechanics ever travel faster in one direction than on the return path direction.  Traveling faster in one direction means that MORE ENERGY and POWER are developed, by the attached objects in motion,  in the fast traveling path, and LESS ENERGY and POWER is consumed on the return path, ergo there is a surplus,  ( in an integral flywheel of each Power Plant, some have two and at least one has three flywheels, storing and giving up energy and power, as is their job,) each second, of energy and power to be used for other uses than operating the mechanics to keep the solid matter objects in motion, like operating an Electrical Generator, as EVERY POWER PLANT Dante invented, USES THIS SAME PREMISE of SETS of the SAME WEIGHTED OBJECTS TRAVELING  FASTER in a direction and slower in another direction, ALL ACCORDING TO BASIC LAWS of NATURE, ALL OPERATING ELECTRICAL GENERATORS WITH THE SURPLUS!
If wasn’t until 1993, when the dynamic model Dante presented to his PhD., ME, was totally kinematically analyzed, did the true verification of the Third Use of the Bernoulli principle come forth and it was validated by the PhD., ME!  For the first time in history, a dynamic action proved this Third Use of the Bernoulli principle, in a dynamic model, running on Earth, PROVING that ENERGY and POWER could be stored, and used for TWO WORK FUNCTIONS, one running the mechanics and the second, running an electrical generator.
Then in 1995, when Dr. Richard Olenick witnessed it, the physics professor, CHAIR of the University of Dallas physics department, who knows all about the Bernoulli principle, the first and second use,  AND NOW, THE THIRD USE as well, determined that the PhD, ME was right in his validation, and this physics professor further stated:
“When proven”, (to the world scientific community,) “it”, (Dante’s innovative travel path and discovery,) “would rank as one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century”.
This will be so, because of the first and second use of the principle, and the great things that came about after they were discovered.
NOTE:  Keep in mind, that first of all, placing solid matter objects, in motion, and delivering the 1807 ENERGY and the 1780 HORSEPOWER, is considered by science to be impossible to achieve. 
Second of all, Dr. Olenick knows more about pure physics than most in science and all in engineering, SO HE WOULD KNOW IF DANTE WAS KIDDING, OR SCAMMING OR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS INNOVATIVE MECHANICS, BUT after he witnessed what Dante showed him, HE MADE VERY POSITIVE REMARKS.  WHY? 
If it is so impossible, wouldn’t Dr. Olenick state so?   One of the WORLD’S BEST, ACCREDITED EXPERTS, IN THE WORLD, NOT SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE, BUT EVERYTHING POSITIVE ABOUT A SUPPOSEDLY THOUGHT IMPOSSIBILITY?  (Read his three reports to Dante on, under “Specific Information”)
The point is, it isn’t impossible as believed. 
What science thought was impossible was based on the discovery made in 1847, concerning an energy that as yet wasn’t able to be delivered. 
Even when the 1807 ENERGY was discovered as to how to release or deliver it, in 1856, some NINE YEARS AFTER the 1847 Law was put into place, the die was cast as to it being impossible and science even then didn’t revisit the Law after 1856, even until today.
Dante, however, isn’t of either of these scientific or engineering communities, ergo he wasn’t bound by their “off limits” and he went ahead, trying to answer a few questions he had about a Basic Law of Nature action,  and besides getting these answers and accomplishing one thing, he discovered another,  the Third Use of the Bernoulli principle for discreet matter, (solid matter.)
After all, there are only three known matters on Earth, being liquid, (example, water,) gaseous, (example, air/wind,) and solid, (example, stone, rock, lead or steel objects, automobiles in mass, and the very Earth itself, acting as one huge mass object, in motion, revolving on its axis,)  and the first two uses were discovered, why was it not possible to have someone discover the third use?  
It was there, so why would it be so impossible, as some in science believe, to discover it?
Dante did, and today he has the “MINI-Power Plant” as he calls it, as proof positive it will be considered a great discovery.
The THREE MATTERS and the Bernoulli principle!
Liquid matter, WATER, by way of the first use of the Bernoulli principle, discovered by Daniel Bernoulli, 1700 – 1782), is manifested by the HYDROFOIL, as a shaped object is rammed through the water!  Other manifestations include the HYDRO-POWER Power Plant machines, which allows water to flow through shaped tubes.
Gaseous matter, AIR/WIND, by way of the second use of the Bernoulli principle, discovered by Giovanni B. Venturi ( 1780 - 1850), is manifested by the Venturi THROAT, including the VENTURI CARBURETOR and GAS METERS , is also, and the most famous use of the discovery, the AIRFOIL, which allows 300 ton aircraft, more or less, to fly like birds, with no effort, once they are propelled through the air.
There was one other matter known to man which has existed on Earth since the beginning of the Earth, as this is solid matter.
NO ONE in science EVER discovered how to put this matter, into motion, to develop a FOIL of its own, performing WORK that has never been performed by this matter.  When, in 1807, the ENERGY and FUEL, solid matter objects, was discovered, NO ONE BUT the PERPETUAL MOTIONALISTS, which included many in science, tried to extract the “work-stored-within” that the discovery entailed.  (Read more about this in EIGHT of this series of EIGHT, under PERPETUAL MOTION, and perpetual motionalists, those who tried to use the 1807 energy, but were stopped by mainstream scientists in 1847, NINE YEARS BEFORE A WAY WAS DISCOVERED TO EXTRACT THE ENERGY of 1807, and why this all came about, and also why, today, the same reasoning that was used in 1847, is still prevalent today among scientists and engineers, that all this is impossible.)
In 1957, by accident, as he knew not what he was asking questions about, but in 1963 set out answering these questions, and in 1964, succeeded with the first answer ever, and in 2003, discovered that his discovery of the THIRD USE of the BERNOULLI principle, actually was the “MECHANIFOIL”, the manifestation of this discovery.
What confuses science and those who are cynical, is that solid matter is NOT as FLUID than water and air/wind.  BUT, they forget there is an Old Science  “Basic Equation of Fluid Flow”, and although it describes liquid and gaseous matter quite well, IT DOESN’T DISALLOW SOLID MATTER, as long as THREE CONDITIONS ARE MET. 
Also remember, VOLUMES of water and air are needed in HYDRO and WIND-POWER, not the small particles that “flow” in water and wind.  These VOLUMES have “work-stored-within”, not the particles that flow, same as solid matter objects, which are VOLUMES of matter within themselves, AND DANTE DISCOVERED THE MECHANICAL WAY TO PLACE SOLID MATTER OBJECTS, WITH VOLUMES OF MATTER STORED-WITHIN, IN A MOTION, by way of what he named, the “MECHANIFOIL”, that which follows ALL THE CONDITIONS of the Old Science, “Basic Equation of Fluid Flow”.  Check it out, denouncers and cynical physics professors!
NOW, the cycle has been completed.  ALL the matters of Earth  can be used to generate electricity, or any work desired.
Is it because they tend to hang on to Old Science that IS WRONG, or OUTDATED, or even MIS-UNDERSTOOD and/or not even known BY THEM?
Just follow this logic:
In 1807, ENERGY, the term, the best, the original, the ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND, EVER DISCOVERED, was discovered by Thomas Young, as he determined that there was “work-stored-within” inanimate objects”. THIS IS A FACT OF HISTORICAL OLD SCIENCE!
In 1847, the Law of the Conservation of Energy was put into place. (The reason is explained in EIGHT of our series of EIGHT, ) but, the strange thing was, that the 1807 ENERGY couldn’t be brought forth, UNTIL NINE YEARS AFTER 1847, when a Law was placed against it.
Think of this those who dare:  Something was discovered in a given date in time.  Science had to react to it, AS IT EVIDENTLY SCARED OF IT, EVEN BEFORE it was later discovered HOW TO USE THIS DISCOVERY OF A given date, or HOW TO EXTRACT IT, or HOW TO BENEFIT FROM IT, or HOW TO PUT IT TO WORK!  IT WAS STOPPED BEFORE IT WAS KNOWN OF!
What scared science so much, that even today, THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE the 1807-1856 BEST, ORIGINAL, REALLY THE ONLY TRUE…ENERGY, ever discovered, BUT RE-DISCOVERED IN 1957, BY ACCIDENT, BY A NON-SCIENTIST?
The answer is IN EIGHT of our series of  EIGHT!
All that is covered herein, is the FACT, VALIDATED IN 1993, and NAMED AND VALIDATED ONCE AGAIN IN 1995, BY TWO WORLD CLASS EXPERTS, (who are as good or better than ANY EXPERT on these subjects, in the WORLD,), that Dante A. Donatelli Jr. discovered the Third use of the Bernoulli principle and the subsequent name he coined for the manifestation of such is the “MECHANIFOIL”
IF, the other two, HYDROFOIL and AIRFOIL were used to benefit society like never before, THEN the “MECHANIFOIL” will, once again benefit  society!
Science, in general, especially the cynics, can go fly a kite, if they do not believe.
Contact Dante A. Donatelli Jr.,  President of ONEGIFT4POWER, at:
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