Middletown 6/4/2013 4:03:30 AM
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LeadingStockAlerts.com: Take Advantage of Our Free Newsletter to Learn about Hot Penny Stock Picks

LeadingStockAlerts.com is one of the only free penny stock newsletters out there. Our alerts have been known to be extremely profitable and are not like the other generic newsletters out there because we are always hunting down small cap stocks that are making, or about to make positive gains in the market.

LeadingStockAlerts.com sends members an alert straight to their email whenever we get information like stocks being heavily promoted to investors. This causes massive buying volume and you will want to be one of the first ones there for it

The same thing goes for when big news comes out that could bring major change to the company, suspicious insider buying, unusual volume or momentum, heavy chatroom buzz and even rumors from credible sources if they can pay off big should they materialize.

When these kinds of things happen to large-cap stocks, they may move up 10-30% if you are lucky. These same events cause penny stocks to easily jump well over 100%, even 2000% or more. The LeadingStockAlerts.com team is well connected to the microcap community and is always listening to and monitoring the market so that they can send members hot penny stock alerts as soon as possible.

We already said that profits from penny stocks can be enormous, but you should not just throw darts at a dartboard blindfolded, subscribe to our free penny stocks newsletter.