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History Comes Alive with the B-25 "Miss Mitchell" and Veterans Round Table

Enjoy WWII Aircraft Cockpit Tours and Airplane Rides

The Minnesota Wing of the Commemorative Air Force will have the B-25 "Miss Mitchell" and other historic WWII aircraft on display June 8 and 9 at Rochester International Airport in conjunction with the Scott Hosier Veterans Round Table series. The B-25 and other WWII aircraft will be on display from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days and will be available for ground tours, cockpit tours and rides. Rides for the aircraft begin at $125 for the trainer aircraft and $425 for the historic B-25 bomber rides. The aircraft rides are tax deductible donations. B-25 hats, t-shirts, toys and other WWII memorabilia will also be on sale throughout the weekend.

Other aircraft attending and available for rides include:

  •     Ryan PT-22 (Primary Trainer) $150 per seat
  •     Vultee BT-13 (Basic Trainer) $200 per seat
  •     North American AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) - No Rides will be available for this aircraft
  •     L-5 Sentinel (Liason Aircraft) $125 per seat

The event is open to the public and a $3.00 donation is requested but not required.

On Monday, June 10, the Scott Hosier Veterans Round Table seminar topic on the B-25 will take place at the Assembly of God Church located at 4240 18th Ave NW, Rochester, Minn. from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. At 6:30 PM the Canteen Radio Theatre will perform an old time radio show and then at 7:00 PM the B-25 Program will feature veterans Elmo Wright, Ted Lanek and historian Bill Tischer. A $3.00 donation is requested, students are admitted for free. For more info on the round table seminar, contact David Allen at 507-398-2839.

For more information on the aircraft rides or the event at the airport, please contact Jim Gilmore at 612-685-4506 or smwwinglead[at]aol[dot]com.

For more information on the Commemorative Air Force - Minnesota Wing, visit our website at

In 1957, a small group of ex-service pilots pooled their money to purchase a P-51 Mustang, beginning what is now called the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). With the addition of a pair of F8F Bearcats, the CAF became the founders of the Warbird Movement, an effort to preserve and honor our military history with the rallying cry to “Keep ‘Em Flying!” Now, 55 years later, the CAF is the premier Warbird organization, operating 156 vintage aircraft in Honor of American Military Aviation. A non-profit educational association, the CAF has more than 10,000 members and its fleet of historic aircraft is distributed to 73 units located in 24 states for care and operation. For more information, visit or call (432) 563-1000.